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3 things to do if you want dramatic change in your life

1. Get Real

Don't live in your imagination for this bit (that comes later on)

But first you have to get real

Know exactly where you are ...and why you want to change

Because if you 'pretend' you're already there... your brain will stop you doing what is necessary to get you there... make sense?

2. Know Where You Want To Be

You see it's really difficult to change your story if you don't know what happens in the book! You have to finish ...before you start

So think about where you want to be ...and how you got there (Yes this is the imagination part)

3. Just start

That can mean coming out of your comfort zone, and making changes to your exercise, your diet, your habits, your thinking, your reading, your environment... I don't know... but if you've answered all of the above... you will

Here's a bonus step for you if you really want change... and YOU deserve it because you've read this far, so here it is

4. (Bonus!) Keep Going!

You see if you've done all of the above with complete honesty, focus and determination then your success is inevitable... as long as you keep going!

Can you change your life? ...of course!

It's simple ...not necessarily easy (that's where my coaching will help) but if other people have done it, so can you... and other people have done it

P.S. If your leaving this post to just go on and read the next one... I can predict fairly accurately how much your life is going to change this week, and if you've read this far I really don't think you want to be in that group... do you?

So here's exactly what to do:

A. List down the points above on a sheet of paper

B. Take time to work through them in detail

C. Plan and take the first action that's beneficial to you today...

...and by tomorrow you can be on your way, how awesome!

Or you can go back to searching for that elusive magic answer... that won't affect me... but it will affect you

Finally remember it's not going to change everything overnight. But keep it positive, and you can change your life more quickly than you think ...boom!!


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