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Terms and Conditions

1. We take your privacy very seriously, please click here to view our privacy policy

2. For all in house coaching, full payment deposit per coaching date, is required at the time of booking.  For outside workshops and seminars please see point 16.

3. The booking is not reserved until the full deposit, and a completed booking form have been received from the booker. This will be acknowledged by a written confirmation, and any alterations to the agreed booking will be charged accordingly. Until the booker receives written confirmation of the booking it must be assumed that the booking is not confirmed, and will not take place.


4. Any changes to the original booking must be confirmed in writing by the booker in advance, and again until written confirmation is received it must be assumed that the alteration is not confirmed, and will not take place. Any additional charges resulting from the change will be due immediately. 


5. If the coaching date should change, the deposit will be carried over to the new date as long as this date is available. If the date is not available, the booker will be informed and the booking cancelled with no refund of the deposit. If the booking is cancelled less than 4 weeks from the coaching date for the reason above, or any other reason the full payment will be due.


6. If the booking is cancelled the total cost will be due. All cancellations must be made in writing.


7. For onsite coaching, the coach will arrive at the designated venue, at the time and location as advised on the booking confirmation. If any delegates are not ready at the agreed start time the coaching will commence without them. We cannot be held responsible for any delegate who fails to show up for whatever reason, and no refund will be given. If a delegate arrives late, we will endeavor to bring them up to date with an overview of what has been covered so far if time allows. However it is the responsibility of the booker to ensure delegates are present at the correct venue and time. We cannot be held responsible for any missed coaching due to a delegate not being present for any reason.


8. In the unlikely event of our coach not being able to complete the coaching due to illness, accident, or any other unspecified situations. We will endeavor to inform the booker as soon as possible. It will not be our responsibility to inform all of the delegates. If an alternative date cannot be agreed by us, our total liability will be limited to the full booking cost which will be refunded.  


9. The coach has the final decision to ask to leave any delegate who is, or appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or is suffering from severe illness. Any verbal or physical abusive behavior towards the coach, other delegates or equipment, will result in termination of the coaching at that point, and no refund will be due.  

10. Any damage caused to any of our equipment or the venue by any delegate, will be charged to the booker at a minimum of £100 to cover repair/replacement and admin costs. This includes damage caused by food, drink or sickness. Only food and drink agreed by the coach may be consumed.   

11. Although we check the venue at the end of each coaching session, we cannot be held responsible for damage to property or lost property, and it is up to the delegates to ensure that all personal items are collected at the end of the coaching.  

12. We may use images, video, testimonials from your coaching for our promotional literature, website and marketing. We will ask your permission to do this.

13. We endeavour to offer relevant, useful and effective coaching, that relates to our product or booking brief. However as with any change, professional due diligence should be completed prior to carrying out our suggestions and ideas. For the avoidance of doubt, we are not responsible for any loss (financial or otherwise) due to actions that may be taken following our coaching, information or advice.

14. Everyone has different skills, abilities and motivations, and therefore results may vary. Therefore we do not offer or imply any specific guarantee of results, as this is dependent on the utilisation of our coaching by the individuals concerned.    

15. We are not responsible for the privacy policies, terms and conditions, or safety of any external links and visitors to these links do so at their own risk

16. For all group coaching, places must be paid for upon booking by bank transfer. No refunds are available. The meeting date and / or delegate name may be able to be transferred to an alternative date if one is available, if we are notified by email at least one month prior to the meeting.

17. The services offered are for Life, business, personal, and confidence coaching, and results will vary. If you require legal, business, medical, financial or related services, the advice of a fully qualified professional should be sought. Your own due diligence should be completed before making any changes resulting from the coaching, as we will not be liable for any loss, or adverse effect following any actions related to, or taken as a result of our coaching.

18. Any coaching that is not taken within 3 months of the original coaching date booked will be void and no refund will be given.  


19. We reserve the right to amend, or add to these terms and conditions at any time. Please check our website at 

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