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"I now have a much happier and healthier work life/balance ...not to mention a much healthier bank balance too"

Taking a whole day out of your schedule for yourself will feel daunting, especially if you run your own business. However I can promise you it will be worth it. 
Chris helped me gain important clarity on a few professional issues, which of course when you're self-employed, are often personal issues too!
At the time of my Confidence Mastery Day, I was feeling frustrated. I was trying to adapt my business model to changes in my industry and it no longer felt "right". Chris asked me some very challenging questions, which helped me realise what was most important to me. They helped me re-connect to my values and to acknowledge what was possible (and realistic) in the circumstances. Chris then supported me as we navigated the next step.
The biggest gift Chris gave me was the confidence to walk away from a business which no longer served me. This happened about 2 months afterwards. I realised during this time that the confidence Chris had helped me build was the confidence to stop ignoring my gut feeling, to make the decision and then act on it. I now have a much happier and healthier work/life balance ...not to mention a much healthier bank balance too.

Emma Rogers   

"I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me and my company"
Having started my web design agency over seventeen years ago, I'd been through the excitement, fear, thrills and spills of growing a small business into a successful company. The challenge was - what to do with it next? I had a great team of people who I knew I wasn't getting the best from; great clients I wanted to do more for; and room to expand into new areas within our expertise which I didn't know how to reach. After this long in business, I felt I was faced with the choice to just do more of the same (it was working after all, why not?), or start a whole new venture and leave behind a business I love - neither of which appealed. I felt a bit, well,  lost.
Then a business colleague mentioned Chris Chitty Coaching and how transformational it had been for her business, so I contacted him and arranged a free initial consultation. From that very first meeting Chris helped me to rediscover the very reasons I started the company and what I still loved about them. His approach wasn't to tell me where I'd got it right or wrong, but to learn to be authentic in everything I do with the business, so every decision made was congruent with my own values and those of the company. This led to a six week course of coaching which has literally transformed my business and everyone involved with it and, most noticeably, the way I feel about it too.
Working with Chris, I learned to value (and monetise) my own time in the business; develop a whole new income stream utilising our existing skills and identify a clear mission for the company, with a set of supporting values and principles worked out with the whole team on board. We now have a clear sales message, new service offering, improved productivity and quality standards, additional revenue and a positive team ethos which we're using to attract more of the type of work we really want. The whole team is now on board, and I no longer feel like the driver but part of a driving force where we support each other in a shared mission. Thanks to Chris I'm back to running my company, not it running me! We now have plans to expand further, utilising our core principles and values to attract new team members and clients, and we are busier than ever. I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me and my company, and I urge any business owner who finds themself thinking "just keep going, it'll get better" to speak with him today. Right now. You will not regret it.
Fiona Allman-Treen - Managing Director - FAT Promotions Ltd     

"I highly recommend you speak to Chris if you are serious about your business"
I highly recommend you speak to Chris if you are serious about your business. You may have lost the love for it, feeling overwhelmed or find yourself not knowing where to turn next. Chris has a fantastic approach and his knowledge and advice come from having his own t-shirt! In fact he has a few! In a 3 hour session and a couple of very clever diagrams, I had a seed of a new plan! Thanks again, Chris. Highly recommended.

Cale Sinfield - Owner - SocialBee Social Media

"Thank you Chris for turning my life around, you are so much more than a coach"


My name is Ian Highland. I turn 50 on November 10th this year (2018) I'm a husband of 14 years and have two wonderful children, Alfie 17 and Joel 12, I also had a daughter. I live in Hove and have done for the best part of 25 years.
I own a small design agency in Hove which I've run for nearly 15 years with my business partner.
In my spare time I lead a very active sporty life running, cycling and swimming when I can. Running being my true love and have completed many, many races from 5k's to ultra marathons. I also sing with a choir which I've done for the last couple of years. If work is the food which keeps me going then these pass-times are the air that I breathe. 


Or should I say why did I bring my issues to Chris in the first place? Well for many reasons really but the trigger was work related. I'll put them into bullets.
- The Business I run whilst giving me the freedom of being my own boss has become increasingly difficult to make a living from. My business partner is also reaching a milestone age in a couple of years and is wanting a way out so our business is at a crossroads. This led me to become extremely concerned about the future. How can I make a living? How will I pay the mortgage? What can I do instead as I'm only qualified as a designer? I'm nearly 50!
- Confidence has been an issue with me for a good few years which I think started when our daughter passed away after 8 months from a very rare syndrome. I became insular, not confident around others, needing the comfort of what and who I know over meeting new people. Social anxiety became a real issue and changed my personality in a profound way.  


I knew Chris from around 30 years ago when we worked together at a high-street shop. Happy times indeed and I always felt a connection with him which I hoped would endure all these years later. We re-connected like many on facebook in the last few years. I watched as he developed his business and I loosely outlined some concerns I had about myself to which he said "let's have a chat". I left it for a while as I thought I'd get through it on my own, how wrong I was.
I eventually found myself at a very low ebb and now know I was probably heading for a period of depression and possibly a breakdown of some sort. I wanted a way out and decided I couldn't do it by myself and the only thing to do was ask for help. I turned to Chris as the only person I knew who talked about the sort of help that may get me a positive outcome and break out of a downward spiral I felt on the edge of.


We arranged to meet and I figured I'd chat through my concerns and see if it was the sort of thing he would be able to help with. It felt so good to offload to someone and Chris put me at ease straight away, the last 30 years felt more like it had been 30 days since I last saw him. I went through as many emotions as there were minutes all the while Chris listened intently, didn't judge and gave me quite literally a shoulder to cry on. The relief was immediate, Chris listened and interestingly watched my every move and got a good feel for what was happening and how I felt. He showed me a positive approach was needed and gave me a programme we could start to show me the way to achieve it. There was someone there that understood and could help. I left after a couple of hours inspired to make a change in my life for the better. Wonderful news.
As mentioned I struggled in front of people, feeling a little pathetic, I wasn't interesting enough, I wasn't clever enough, I wasn't witty enough. I avoided many social occasions, feeling way out of my comfort zone was a frightening place to be. This had been the complete opposite of how I had been in my youth and I put some of it down to age and some of it down to life changes. Chris pointed out the person he saw in front of him was "still in there" somewhere. My perception was the only thing that prevented me being him again.
After the 12 week coaching programme these are things that have changed
- I went from singing in a choir, hiding away a little, to singing in a trio to now with Chris's help currently working on singing solo in a new Christmas performance show.    

- I am now currently in the throws of selling my business to a group and being involved in something bigger and more substantial, giving me hopefully the financial balance I need to make ends meet and give my family what they deserve.
- I've signed up to a reablement volunteering programme utilising my sporting abilities to help full time carers have the ability to get out, make changes by learning new skills and have something else to focus on. I'm hoping this may lead to something career based for me.

- I've volunteered for sporting events helping out with the running and organising of them.


My asking Chris for help was predominately focused on work and my career. However it ended up being so much more and became a more holistic approach. This may have been a conscious decision by Chris but it felt like an organic thing that built over the weeks building firmer foundations rather than focus on just one aspect. The benefit was that I feel much stronger to cope with life and what it throws at me. Knowing I can deal with these things and that there is a way to do it is an incredible feeling.
I have had such a positive response from people since I started the course with many of them noticing a discernible difference in me. People react to my new upbeat approach. It's so very motivating having people see you this way.
Work whilst important is just one aspect of me and making time for my family and for myself is a dynamic that needed changing and has brought rewards in the form of internal calm and strength. The family is happier, work is challenging but no longer stagnating. I feel healthy in mind and body.
One of the best decisions I have ever made. Reaching out for help needed to happen and I'm so pleased I did and I was lucky enough to know and have Chris to turn to. I'm not naive enough to think that after 12 weeks my life is "fixed". Life constantly challenges and will always change but I now feel better equipped to tackle what pops up.
If you don't know the answer to that after reading my story you must be from Mars! ;-)
Thank you Chris for turning my life around, you are so much more than a coach. 

Ian Highland - Company Director
"Take the plunge and invest in your life!"

I have worked with Chris since September on a 12 week programme and it really has been life changing for me. I initially contacted Chris for some support and assistance with developing my confidence in the work arena, delivering presentations, increasing self esteem. I have found that with the regular support from Chris and one-to-one sessions, that the positivity and confidence has spilled over into my personal/private life and this has had such an impact in all aspects of my life. I would recommend Chris whole-heartedly, he really makes a huge difference - take the plunge and invest in your life!

Sussex Client

"After a period of feeling down I wanted to give him a try and was very glad I did"
I have known Chris personally for a while and after a period of feeling down I wanted to give him a try and was very glad I did. Chris is one of life's beautiful people and has a very relaxed and natural aura about him, he puts you at ease and is a pleasure to be around. Chris is a great listener and he also never talks at you he talks with you and works with you in order to overcome any problem. 
I looked forward to all our meetings and his dose of happy medicine helped me enormously.

Simon Flynn
"I am feeling so much more in control of my life"

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Chris by a friend and I can honestly say a course of coaching with him has made a huge difference.I am feeling so much more in control of my life. I have no doubt I will dip in again in the future. Thanks Chris x.
"I was lacking direction and worried what others thought too much before"
After liking Chris's posts and ideas for a while I wanted to find out more. I felt like I was lacking direction and worried what others thought too much before. My Sessions with Chris were so uplifting and he has introduced me to a whole new mindset. Each week I practised the things we talked about and could gradually feel my world change. I have loved the effect so much that I have referred friends. As a teacher of teenagers I have explained some of the techniques in my lessons too and have had great feedback from students. I told Chris he should re-brand as a happiness coach. :-)


"I... now understand how to move forward in my life in a focused, productive, positive way"

I highly recommend this wonderful gift to ones self: I recently experienced and now understand how to move forward in my life in a focused, productive, positive way. Thank you Chris Chitty for facilitating the process of appreciating my achievements and bringing focus to the goals in my life for now and the future.

Marie Stone

"I was ready to give up... I felt I was no good. I was being bullied, and didn't know what to do"
Just over a year ago I was ready to give up. I was working in a very unhappy environment that was making me ill. I had contacted a job agency ready to give up teaching as I felt I was no good.
I was being bullied and didn't know what to do.
I saw a post that Chris had put on face book and thought I would give it a go- I had nothing to loose. We met and chatted about what was going on in my life and more importantly what I wanted to happen in my life. He helped me with strategies to deal with the people who were bringing me down. He made me realise I had more people who believe me than those who wanted to hurt me. I was able to focus on the good things in my life and look forward. I went for an interview and got a new job. I feel valued again. In one year I have gone from feeling useless to enjoying my life and my job. I have been promoted and in September will be going to a new school, a new adventure. I will be doing an MA in leadership through change and be lead teacher in a small new school, deputising for the head when she isn't there. I know I can do this because I have people who believe in me and strategies to deal with things and people who are not good for me. My future is bright. My work and home life are brilliant thanks to the confidence and self belief Chris has given me.
Chris is a lovely man and he has a special gift. Thank you Chris. X

Madeleine Judge

"little did you know that this person who spent 32 years in corporate life didn't have any confidence in herself"
6 weeks ago when we met up, (it was probably longer than that) little did you know that this person who spent 32 years in corporate life didn't have any confidence in herself, and the reason for that is because I've been bullied at school, I've been bullied within my corporate career, and I used to hide away in suits. Well look at me this morning. Yes, I am dressed very casually, even though I'm dressed casually I feel great, got a bit of lippy on, just in case! But I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me my MOJO back. Well my MOJO was well and truly lost. People didn't realise that when I was wearing suits. They thought I was this powerful person, and I thought I could do anything. Well obviously when I went on this race (Clipper race), ...I did gain some confidence, but that was doing amazing things, but in myself I didn't have any. Through your coaching making me accept responsibility for doing things, you've actually helped me develop myself, and really make me responsible for the actions, and one of them you asked me to do was a video... ...You have changed a person from something that they didn't accept. Someone that didn't have any confidence or ability to talk to people in the way that they should. You have changed my life, my life's all the better for knowing you... ...because of you, I am the person I am today.         

Trudi Bubb

"Thank you so much for today. I went to the interview feeling confident and happy."

"Thank you for a great session today. I left feeling alive, confident and ready to face my challenges. Such a positive person. Thank you."

"Hi Chris... Thank you for a truly inspiring confidence session today."

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