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Sales and Marketing MOT


Are you being effective in your sales and marketing? or missing out to your competitors?


Many businesses employ external experts including legal,  accounting,  human resource and health & safety to ensure they are compliant, and following correct procedures. Yet often leave the crucial task of sales and marketing to the last minute, or worse still have no plan at all!


This is why I have introduced my sales and marketing MOT


What is it?


I come to your business, and just like a car MOT check crucial areas of importance to ensure you have great sales and marketing procedures and strategies in place 


Why CPC Sales and Marketing Training ?


I have over 30 years of professional sales and marketing experience across a number of sectors (working for Hallmark Cards, Porsche, MG, WH Smith, Capital Radio Group, Setting up and running my own small retail company, and my own business to business franchise),  and regularly research the latest effective sales and marketing techniques and strategies. I have vast experience, and can offer insights and real life examples to help you in your organisation 


What do you get?


2  hours of expert time at your business reviewing your sales and marketing, covering:


Staff skills and training requirements


Processes and Systems

Social Media





Followed by a report with recommendations, and actions that you can take straight away

to make improvements


How much?




How do I book?


Take the first step to be in control of your sales and marketing today 

Contact me here to book your Sales and Marketing MOT



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