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Positive Mindset Mastery Academy

Uckfield East Sussex

Do you feel as though you are surviving, rather than thriving?


Are you successful, but feel as though there is joy missing in your life?

Do you stop yourself from moving forward in your life because you don't believe you can take the

necessary actions?

Are you finding a lack of fun, in your relationships?

Do you wish you had more confidence, and self belief?

Do you feel as though you are surviving, rather than thriving?

Or maybe you worry too much about what other people think all of the time  

...or just feel as though your life has no direction?

If you want to change, then you're in the right place


If any of the above sound familiar to you, and if you want to change, then you're in the right place.

I am a professional life, confidence and positive mindset coach, and I have helped many clients move to a more positive, empowered, confident life.

Tried and tested exercises, and techniques

Now I want to offer my skills, exercises, and powerful techniques to more people. So I have opened my positive mindset mastery academy.

These are tried and tested exercises, and techniques that I have used with clients to often dramatically change their mindsets, and life for the better. Please take a look at some of my clients successes here.

If you want to experience these changes in your life,

my positive mindset mastery academy can help you. 


What do I get as a member of the positive mindset mastery academy?

  • A 1 hour monthly group coaching with one focus, and powerful coaching exercise, as well as mindset hacks

  • Powerful motivation, and inspiration by hearing successes and wow! moments from other members of the group 

  • The powerful monthly exercise, emailed to you, after the session, so you can continue to work on your progress between meetings. Building into a substantial range of tools for you to keep forever

  • The opportunity to let me know your specific challenges, so that I can tailor the group coaching sessions to focus on the most common areas that need attention, to become "unstuck" so you can move forward

There will be powerful coaching sessions including:

  • How to be more assertive, so you can stand up for yourself in a positive, direct

and non aggressive way

  • How to say "No" so you can set boundaries, and feel less put upon by other people

  • How to check if your life is in balance, and what to do if it isn't

  • How to not worry too much about what other people think 


Coaching is a powerful process that can help you to make transitions,  and ultimately transform your life. However you have to play your part, show up and complete the exercises. You will come out of your comfort zone, and try new things. There are no guarantees, as the work is done by you. However I have achieved amazing results for my clients, myself and my family through these techniques and exercises.

How much is membership?


Just £47 per month for all of the unique benefits above

What to do next?

Message me here, and I will send you details of the venue, timings and two very special limited launch offers.

Make today the first day of a new positive you, so you can live intentionally, and make positive changes to all areas of your life

P.S. Don't forget to message me now for details of my time limited launch offers.

Spaces are limited, so don't miss out

Message me now for details of the offers here

Standard terms and conditions apply



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