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Tools, inspiration and motivation

to empower your personal growth to reach your goals

"Highly recommended. A great resource. Chris is amazing, he helps you find your way and be the real you when you hit bumps in the road. Xxxx" Madeleine Judge

Have you been trying to reach an achievable goal, but just can't seem to start or keep going?

Do you see other people seemingly easily change their lives, but you just can't seem to do it?

Do you start with the best intentions, and really put the effort in for a few days or weeks, but then tail off, and head back to where you were before?

Have you been inspired by a book, seminar, video or your own carefully thought out goals, only to be disappointed that you never start, or continue towards a new habit or goal?

Do you get that depressing January 5th feeling whenever in the year you start your "new year resolutions" as they just don't last? 

Have you tried to change something before, but not carried on, and now believe that you can't do it. So you do nothing, or worse do the opposite, and sabotage any progress that you have made?

Does that leave you feeling:





Like you want to give up?

Like you've proved to yourself that you can't do it?

Then the Motivate Me Now Group is for you!

It might be that you are:

Trying to lose weight

To get Fit

To live a happier life

To get your dream job

To socialise more

To say "no" more to unrealistic demands

To promote and build your business

To build relationships

To get a relationship

Then the Motivate Me Now Group is for you!

If you:

Find it hard to stay focused

Get distracted

Find outside events stop you

Fear failure

Fear success

Fear other's opinions, or what they might say

Then the Motivate Me Now Group is for you!

Here are some of the things I have helped my one to one clients achieve

* Confidence to take on challenges, and be themselves 

* Self-esteem to live a more authentic, happy life 

* Overcoming blocks to taking action, and move forward 

* More money, valuing themselves, and their services

* Landing a dream job, and enjoying the interview!

* Finding their direction, and being able to plan their route

* Improving relationships, for a happier, more fulfilled life

None of these would have happened without motivation to take action. Motivation is not just a word, but can literally be life changing, as you can see above :)  

When I coach my one to one clients, three of the key areas that create change, are not magic, but clear and powerful strategies.

They are:

* Regular motivation to do the things that make a difference

* Simple tools to easily work at the right level that gets results

* Outside accountability to get stuff done!

This is all in the Motivate Me Now Group  

Here's what some of my one to one clients have said:

"I have worked with Chris on a 12 week programme, and it really has been life changing for me. - I have found that with the regular support from Chris, and the one to one sessions, that the positivity and confidence has spilled over into my personal/private life and this has had such an impact in all aspects of my life."

Sussex Client

"I was lucky enough to be introduced to Chris by a friend and I can honestly say a course of coaching with him has made a huge difference.I am feeling so much more in control of my life. I have no doubt I will dip in again in the future. Thanks Chris x."


"After liking Chris's posts and ideas for a while I wanted to find out more. I felt like I was lacking direction, and worried what others thought too much before. My Sessions with Chris were so uplifting and he has introduced me to a whole new mindset. Each week I practised the things we talked about and could gradually feel my world change. I have loved the effect so much that I have referred friends. As a teacher of teenagers I have explained some of the techniques in my lessons too, and have had great feedback from students. I told Chris he should re-brand as a happiness coach. :-)"


"I highly recommend this wonderful gift to ones self: I recently experienced, and now understand how to move forward in my life in a focused, productive, positive way. Thank you Chris Chitty for facilitating the process of appreciating my achievements, and bringing focus to the goals in my life for now and the future."


I love it when people become empowered to change their lives. So this group has been specifically designed, taking the best of what works with my personal clients, such as inspiration, outside accountability and thought provoking tools.

With 84 motivational video messages, and a group you can dip in and out of when you need it, to really keep you motivated whatever goal you have. 

So what's included?*

  • 84 short motivational video messages from me, to inspire you to take action for your best life

  • Private Facebook Group where I will be challenging you to move forward, and you can enthuse about your successes to gain positive feedback from, and motivate others in the group

  • Recording of 3 empowering online live coaching sessions with me, including motivation, inspiration and 2 exercises specifically designed to encourage your action.    

Total Investment £99 per year

Finally make a difference, come unstuck, and make real progress in your life. Join now, I'll see you on the inside, Chris :) 

This group is not for you if

1. Your dreams aren't realistic e.g. "I want to be a unicorn" 

2. You don't want to put any effort in to achieve your goals

3. You have a fitness goal, but haven't taken the relevant medical advice if necessary

4. You are happy to stay exactly where you are

5. You're life is perfect and you want nothing to change

6. You require legal, financial, medical or other professional advice 

* This group will use a Facebook Group for the online activity mentioned, this may move to an alternative format in the future. If for any reason the Facebook group is not available, alternative methods will be put in place as soon as possible. 

This is a motivational group, and you acknowledge that this is not specific advice for the suitability of your goal. Nothing in the group is specific, legal, medical, financial or professional advice. If you require any legal, professional, financial or medical advice in relation to your goals, this will be sought by you, before taking any action. Due diligence must be carried out before taking any actions to check they are suitable for your circumstances. By being a member you agree Chris Chitty, and Chris Chitty Coaching will not be held liable for any loss caused by your actions.

Group rules may change at any time, but the aim is to motivate you to grow and live your best life.  

Standard terms and conditions apply


















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