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Grab a pen or pencil, and a blank piece of paper. Then think of 20 things that you are really grateful for in your life, and write them down.

These can be really large things such as family, friends, your partner, children, home, work ...whatever you are really grateful for. Or they can be smaller, but still important things such as clean water on tap, a comfortable bed, shoes to wear, your vacuum cleaner. Or they can be personal to you such as a sense of humour, your hair colour, your smile, whatever you are grateful for. Have some fun with this, and list as many things as you can, you don't have to stop at 20!

When you are done, read the list through 3 or 4 times and really visualise each item on the list. Most of my clients experience a happiness boost when they do this, but we haven't finished yet.

Next aim to add at least 3 things a day to your list for at least 21 days. These may be new, or things you have listed before, but must be relevant to the day. So you can't say blue sky... if it's raining that day!

This helps you to re-wire your brain to focus on things to be grateful for, and you then notice more of them, leaving you with more feelings of happiness throughout the day. If you are stuck one day, just read back through your previous lists for inspiration, and it should be easier.

This will not only help you to feel happier on a daily basis, it builds into a fabulous resource for those days when things don't go as planned, and you need a positive boost!

Just sit down with your personal list of gratitude and

re-live all of those things, people, moments, events, and before you know it, you will be feeling happier again, and ready for a more positive day.

I hope this has worked really well for you, stick with it for the whole 21 days. My clients report that they begin to automatically notice more, and more things to be grateful for as they go on, leaving them with a better mindset to live a positive day.

I would love to hear how you got on with the exercise, and how it worked for you. Please drop me a message here.

If you want to take your personal development further, so you can get more out of life please take a look at my offer for a powerful face to face, one to one coaching session, with me. You can check it out here

With very best wishes, Chris 

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