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Do you have that nagging internal voice that says?:

"You can't do it"

"You'll look silly"

"People will laugh"

"You're not good enough"

"They will never take you seriously"

and on and on and on.

Often this voice can be reinforced by our childhood experiences, family, friends, work colleagues, or life experiences, and you end up with a constant negative voice inside your head. Your bad wolf!   

You may have been teased or put down. This doesn't have to have been malicious, and meant in a bad way. Sometimes this can be subtle and prolonged, and sometimes it can be done in a protective way (where other people are projecting their own fears onto you), or just in a fun way with no bad intention at all. However all of these things can soak you in a negative mind-set, create low self-esteem, and worse, stop you from taking the actions to change, and make you feel better. So you end up feeling stuck.

The good news is... It doesn't have to be that way! 

I used to suffer from low self esteem, anxiety and serious "bad wolf" thinking in the past. Everything from social anxiety, to feeling "I'm not worthy". It stopped me doing the things I needed to do, it stopped me doing the things I wanted to do, and felt so frustrating. I am here to let you know that can be changed. I've done it. It helped me get my "dream" job , perform on stage, in comedy, panto, and singing, and in so many other areas from business negotiating to socialising. I now have a deep inner confidence, and don't have the constant energy drain of having to continuously search outside of me for validation and approval. True confidence is so liberating, and powerful, that it is my life's mission to help others to feel the same.    

I help you to build your confidence and self esteem, so that you can get out of your own way, take action towards your goals and dreams, and live a happier, more contented life.

But don't just take my word for it. Here are some of the things my individual clients have said about working with me:

"Because of you I have achieved something extraordinary "confidence" - Trudi

"We forget to be positive sometimes and let the negativity get to us. Today I had an observation at work loads of good points, loads of great points. One tiny bad point and that's all I focused on ......Until now ! ! Tomorrow I go in and start spreading the smiles and reminding people of the good stuff xxxxx" - Madeleine

"I highly recommend this wonderful gift to ones self: I recently experienced and now understand how to move forward in my life in a focused, productive, positive way. Thank you Chris Chitty for facilitating the process of appreciating my achievements and bringing focus to the goals in my life for now and the future" - Marie

So what are the details of the programme?

This is a 4 week programme of one 2 hour session per week

What do we cover?

Week 1 Where are you now?

We will carry out coaching exercises to identify:

Where you are

What your goals are

and clarify your vision, direction and philosophy.

This is so thought provoking, major breakthroughs

can be made right here  

Week 2 Starting the freedom

We will carry out coaching exercises to:

Set confidence and self esteem building goals, and discover ways to achieve them.

Week 3 All around you 

We will look at:

How your environment is affecting your confidence

and self esteem, and how you can improve it.

Week 4 Build a confident mind-set 


How to stop worrying about what others think

Stop comparing yourself to others

Liking yourself again

Overcoming self doubt


Other powerful areas we cover together

Self belief booster

Work belief booster

Telephone confidence booster

Confident and powerful communication

As well as

How to build on your strengths, and manage your weaknesses

Taming your negative wolf

The power of positivity

You are in control

All sessions include powerful confidence building exercises, and interaction. This is a dynamic, coaching based method of improving your self esteem and self confidence, not just a seminar.

Numbers are limited to 10 to allow plenty of time for interaction. Nobody will be forced to interact if you are uncomfortable with this at the beginning of the programme. Everyone will be treated with respect and no judgement. This is all about you, and improving your future, self esteem and happiness.

Light refreshments, pens and paper included, you only need to bring yourself, and a willingness to take the actions to change.

Total investment £295

Click here to register for the next programme 

Standard terms and conditions apply.

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