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I was overwhelmed with choices to  develop my marketing and sales strategy! And that was with decades of  knowledge and experience!! I almost had too much information, and needed

a clear path forward.


What is my message?

What do i do?

Which social media must I be on?

What about pricing?

How do I find new clients?

Where do I find the time?

How do I prioritise?

...then I had my "lightbulb" moment, and decided to get some intensive coaching to focus my strategies. Within a week, I had amazing confidence, sharp focus and clear specific goals, and developed a strategy, and actions to take to reach them.

If you are stuck or overwhelmed with an area in your sales, marketing, goals, confidence, public speaking or motivation. I invite you to request one of my free 1/2 hour coaching sessions to help you move to a more positive future . I currently only offer 3 of these valuable sessions per month, so please complete the request now, and I will contact you to confirm that you qualify, and we will

 agree a date and time.

There is no fee just your time, and no obligation to continue.  

What are the objectives of CPC coaching?


To help you to push through challenging areas that are causing you to be stuck in a situation, and to get different results by taking action.


Help you to overcome overwhelm, and gain clarity on your priority objectives. 


To support you, keep you accountable, and follow up on you taking the action required.


 How does it work?


I will use my 30 years plus of business experience, and knowledge of self development and goal achievement to:


Ask specific questions that will help you identify the answers that will work for you.


Offer a "safe" environment to test ideas, to help you plan the best route forward


Be an experienced person who can be used to facilitate brainstorming, and your idea development 


Coach you to develop an action plan to start changing, and seeing results


To start on the road to a more satisfying, rewarding, and fun future request your free 1/2 hour coaching session below 

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