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Training and Coaching Program

Are you a business owner or manager and want a more confident team delivering more sales?


Then my 6 weeks to boost your sales program is designed to deliver what you need.


How is it delivered?


An initial 5 hour workshop carefully constructed to improve knowledge, develop skills, and boost sales confidence.

Covering the sales process and skills. Including role-play, real life examples, techniques and exercises.


Followed by 5 x 1 hour weekly intensive coaching sessions, developing key areas    


Results - what can you expect?


To build your delegate's skills, confidence

& professionalism

Resulting in greater sales


What is the investment per delegate?


£1,750 on site

£2,000 off site



What's next?


Complete the form below to apply, and I will personally call you to ensure that you qualify. If so we will arrange a meeting to explore further, and give you more details about how I work. If we are both happy that you would benefit, we will arrange the program.

There is no cost, or commitment up to this point, and I will only work with organisations where I believe I can offer a valuable service.    



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