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6 Steps to Your Dream Job



Monday 1st August 2016

6.30 - 7.30 PM

6 Steps to Your Dream Job

Chris Chitty - Confidence Coach

Do you have an interview coming up, and you are suffering from stress and anxiety. With doubts and negative thoughts building, you are zoning yourself out, and thinking you just can't do it,

or you're not good enough.

Or maybe you just cannot find a job, or are not getting replies to your applications, emails, and messages.

You may be wondering how you can stand out at interview, when you know there are so many people also applying for the same job.

Perhaps with similar experience, and qualifications.

Or wondering what you can do to leave your interviewer strongly wanting to employ you, and not miss out on the opportunity of having you on the payroll.

In this one hour seminar, delivered in a relaxed style from Chris, there will be inspiration and tools to help you with all of the above and more.

Even if you are quite happy in your job, but just want a promotion, there is something for you.

Chris will be using lifetime experiences, and coaching tools to show you...

1. Exactly how he found a job after being made redundant by answerphone.

(and also gained a great new relationship which led to his next job as well!)

2. How he asked for a promotion, and effectively created a new role that, he then filled.

3. Exactly how he beat 240 people to his dream job selling supercars.

4. The one way to change your interview delivery that will have your prospective employers itching to employ you.

5. How to supercharge your confidence, and feel relaxed, positive and enthusiastic just when you need to be.

6. How to destroy those negative thoughts, and worries, so they are not niggling at you and reducing your focus.

These 6 steps will all be covered in this inspirational and motivational talk. So you will leave with a new confidence, and ideas to move towards your dream job.

Places are limited so please book early.

Price £37

£25 Early bird price for bookings by 15th July

To book, or for more information click here, send a brief message, and I will be in touch.


Best wishes,



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