Confidence Meeting New People

Confidence Meeting New People

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Ask for a raise

Enjoy an interview

Put your point across clearly at a meeting

Stop being bullied

Enjoy your career

Do what you love


Gain more clients

Get crystal clear direction

Empower and inspire your team

Negotiate strongly

Take action

Enjoy public speaking and presentations

Network effectively

Be true to your beliefs


Set boundaries

Ask someone out

Stop tolerating things

Start new adventures

Meet new friends

Find more people that "get" you

Do things that are right for you

Not worry about the negative opinions of others 

Be Empowered

Lose victim thinking and actions

Live intentionally

Be congruent with yourself


Find your authentic voice and direction in life

Do the things that are right for you

Do the things that you love

Draw a line and create your future

Be comfortable in your own skin

Be happy


Do things that are right for your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health

Create positive habits that work for you

Lose weight

Go to the gym

Ask for help

Stop overthinking 

Please note: My personal coaching is powerful, and will allow you to gain clarity in your life, work or business, so you can discover, and achieve your goals. Coaching is not medical, legal or financial advice, if you need medical advice consult your doctor, if you need legal advice consult your lawyer, if you need financial advice consult your accountant or qualified adviser   

I will work with you in a confidential, supportive, and non judgemental environment, and you will understand more about your current situation, so you can focus your future success

Whether your goal is specific, such as an interview, presentation, or higher self belief. Or you want to discover your goals, and direction in the first place

We will then explore the options available to you, overcoming environmental, behaviour pattern, or mindset blocks as we go

Then we plan bespoke, realistic, and empowering actions to project you forward, in a way you may not have experienced before

Your progress will continue at each session. Motivating you by giving you accountability, stretching questions & exercises, and a professional sounding board. My coaching is unique to you, and will challenge you, and enable you to transform your confidence and self belief, so you can make dramatic progress to your goals

As we progress you will align your core values, with your realistic goals, and achievable actions. Creating a more balanced you. Thereby empowering you to make further progress, and massively build your confidence, self-esteem and well-being   

One to One Coaching Agreements

Annual weekly £40,000

100 hours - 2 hours per week (approximately 1 year)

Annual fortnightly £20,000

50 hours - 2 hours every other week (approximately 1 year)

Foundation Confidence £6,000

Business or Personal 12 hours (2 hours a week for 6 weeks) 

Confidence Breakthrough £2,000

Business or Personal (2 hours in one session)


Contact me here now to find out more (serious enquiries only)   

"I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me and my company"

Fiona - Managing Director - FAT Promotions Ltd