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The ultimate confidence is being you... Discovering exactly who you are and aligning who you are being... with that.

My coaching is all about you.

In a sacred space we will explore exactly where you are now in your life, work or business... and what has been stopping you create what you want to achieve.

Your goal may be specific such as interview, video or presentation confidence... higher self belief... or you may want to discover your inspiring direction...your crystal clear goals in the first place.

Each meeting we will discuss where you are and create possibilities for your way forward. 
My coaching is unique to you. It will challenge you and nurture you as you come out of your comfort zone to transform your confidence and self belief.

As you align more with your core values, goals, and actions... you will be creating a more balanced, empowered and confident you.

I love seeing my clients become congruent in their being and doing. Transforming their energy, love of life, and results by being the ultimate confidence... aka being themselves. 

Coaching is not therapy... we will focus on now and the future not the past.

Coaching is not a done for you service... you are in the driving seat of what you achieve. Your results will be down to you... how exciting!

Coaching is not medical, legal or financial advice, if you need medical advice consult your doctor, if you need legal advice consult your lawyer, if you need financial advice consult your accountant or qualified adviser.

If you are ready to invest in you... email me  (serious enquiries only)

One to One Coaching Agreements
Face to Face in mid Sussex UK or online video Call

Annual weekly 
100 hours - 2 hours per week (approximately 1 year)

Annual fortnightly
50 hours - 2 hours every other week (approximately 1 year)

Foundation Confidence 
12 hours (2 hours a week for 6 weeks) 

Confidence Breakthrough ideal for job interview or specific event or gaining personal clarity
2 hours in one session 

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